Paycent : A New Debit Card Provider

After TenX and Monaco ,it's now time for Paycent . At beginning Paycent was a mobile dual e-wallet app that can be filled with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. This company start to servicing to Singapore and Philippine. Connection between mobile app and debit cart makes this company to accepted in 200 countries and more 36 POS. 

They obtained their licences in UAE and Philippines and in-principal approval in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Paycent is a development by Texcent Asia Pte Ltd. in Singapore . Their plan is like other companies that want to bring cryptocurrency to real life of people and help them to spend their coins for fiat currencies. They have some plant to servicing to unbanked people too.

Their ICO will start on 2 November.

As seen in the above picture token holders will benefit for 33% of the aggregate exchange rate that will distribute quarterly and there will be a 0.1 % profit for debit card users and it means they will be cash backed for each transaction they make with their debit card in PYN tokens. The hard cap is 450000 ETH .A Paycent user can use their BTC, ETH, DASH or ERC20 assets via the Paycent Debit Card (Paycentos Wallet) at offline and online channels, wherever the card is accepted.

Their app is working right now but only use able for Singaporean and Philippians people . Their plan is increasing their market and their app after the ICO. 

Their whitepaper can be find here.  The team information is on site too .
As my POV their promises are more realistic than others. They have good plan and they have a financial company that is working for many years. They have enough experience in this era and with connecting of cryptocurrencis to their service ( at the moment they are doing this but only in their app and for Singapore and Philippine ) they can support more customers and it will increase their influence in the far east Asian markets. 

Disclaimer : Please be attention that every investment has its own risk and this post is only my personal review and it's not an advice. Before any investment please investigate by your self and invest at your own risk.
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